ScaVet Technologies LLC (SVT) was established in 2006 as an SDVOSB. SVT provides test and evaluation, product innovation, research & development, finite analytical studies, blast mitigation, field-testing, and system development. SVT’s experience spans a wide range of business consulting, engineering, testing, training, and security services throughout the government.SVT’s experience extends through Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Civil engineering. SVT provides professional test and evaluation, installation and integration, verification and validation, systems design, software/system development, configuration management, complete life cycle testing, secure IT, and system deployment for Explosive Detection Systems and Air Traffic Control systems.

In the field of BLAST, SVT performs a wide range of Structural Engineering and Fluid Dynamic Analyses as well as the design of mitigation techniques and materials. SVT has experience in designing lightweight explosive containment systems, blast simulations, blast mitigation devices, and blast safety equipment.

SVT trains organizations in Anti Terrorism, explosive lab and range operations, IED defeat, and Master Breach. SVT instructs techniques for motorcade sweeps, physical & personnel security, and mitigation/crisis management. SVT’s reach back extends into the military and other organizations for SMEs.

In addition, members from SVT participate in the Transportation Security Administration’s Explosive Standards Working Group, producing test standards and performance specifications on a wide variety of topics through all major standards development organizations. Areas of particular interest include explosive detection systems and explosive detection devices, explosive mitigation and containment devices, modeling and simulation software, and techniques and training.

SVT has over 20 years of Civil Engineering with airport Design, Management, and Construction operations, Rapid Runway Repair (RRR), test landing facilities, and airport lighting test facilities. SVT established a design and develop a solution for the rapid construction of Ammo Supply Points, explosive test facilities, and explosive test firing ranges.